CIT classes

I find CIT classes at Bellerbys very important due to the fact that nowadays almost each individual uses the computer every day for several purposes, for instance, work, communication, fun and etc. The reason for me to do this course is to learn how to deal with programs like Excel, Word , etc and have my own blog where I can share my thoughts with other people because that is what I will need to use at the university next year. I have made a long way from basic knowledge in this area to an ability to work with programs mentioned above with confidence and skills, which I believe will improve by the end of the course even more. Personally, I have always struggled with computers, but CIT classes made me interested in this experience and knowledge and therefore I learned how to cope with difficulties I had. I definitely love the way we are taught CIT here in Bellerbys, as our teacher is very helpful and makes us being interested in the subject through giving interesting and exciting tasks and exercises.





English Classes in Bellerbys College

I am studying this course to improve my English skills and become more fluent speaker. I have enjoyed the way I was taught English in Bellerbys so far due to lessons being funny and interesting and the atmosphere being friendly and exciting. It was difficult for me to get used to the workload in my English lessons, as there were many presentations, essays and course works. I have always enjoyed participating in debates and discussions because this is a chance for students to share their attitudes with others and improve their speaking skills. This made me think more creatively, evaluate different situations and share my opinions with other students. I also improved my writing and reading skills, which I suffered to do before doing this course. Moreover, I have noticed a difference between Academic and General English: the first one I need for the university and future life in the UK, whereas the second is more for communication in the UK. On English lessons, we have always discussed topics and issues related to the life and the UK and I would like to learn more and more about it and broaden my horizons related to the British life.


Main Subject Of My Studies

I am doing Business Foundation and the main subject is Business. I’m studying this course because I would like to work in Business and Management area in future and study this area further in the university. I have learned a lot of things so far, which include main business and economic concepts, the difference between marketing and management, how goods are bought and sold and what attracts customers to buy them from a particular business instead of purchasing from competitors, and many more interesting and exciting things and facts. I find it a bit difficult to learn many definitions and formulas, although I am doing my best to do this. I absolutely enjoy the way I am taught because my teacher is supporting every topic by examples of real businesses and situations, we play games and do projects on lessons, so I never get bored with this subject.



School in Belarus and Bellerbys Experience

My school in Belarus differs from Bellerbys College, where I’m studying now in many ways.

First of all, teaching styles are considerably different, for instance, in Belarus students were not asked for their attitude towards things, we haven’t played games on lessons and therefore it was quite boring to study there. Moreover, workload is also different, so in my previous school I’ve studied 13 subjects and were given homework each day, while in Bellerbys, often 1 Homework is given each week and the amount of topics I study vary from 3 to 5. Class sizes are almost similar, with on average 20 students in a class. However, the number of students in Bellerbys is significantly bigger. What is about friendships, in Belarus I had more friends in class whereas in Bellerbys I have more friends outside the class. The outlook is also different as can be seen on pictures.


First time in the UK

I firstly came in the UK four years ago, and that experience will always be one of the most exciting memories of my life. When I got off the plane, I was absolutely impressed by how kind and helpful British people were. My second impression was the beauty of English landscapes, nice climate and impressive architecture. When I arrived in Brighton, I’ve been totally excited by Brighton Pier and the Beach! The weather was incredible, the sun was shining, people were sunbathing and seagulls were flying. My family and I went to the ‘Fish and Chips’ restaurant to try the cuisine and really liked it. Afterwards, we went to visit my college and I was absolutely impressed by the outlook of it. I’ve decided to dedicate my life into “Business and Management” area in future,and, therefore, chose to study it in the university.

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