School in Belarus and Bellerbys Experience

My school in Belarus differs from Bellerbys College, where I’m studying now in many ways.

First of all, teaching styles are considerably different, for instance, in Belarus students were not asked for their attitude towards things, we haven’t played games on lessons and therefore it was quite boring to study there. Moreover, workload is also different, so in my previous school I’ve studied 13 subjects and were given homework each day, while in Bellerbys, often 1 Homework is given each week and the amount of topics I study vary from 3 to 5. Class sizes are almost similar, with on average 20 students in a class. However, the number of students in Bellerbys is significantly bigger. What is about friendships, in Belarus I had more friends in class whereas in Bellerbys I have more friends outside the class. The outlook is also different as can be seen on pictures.



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