English Classes in Bellerbys College

I am studying this course to improve my English skills and become more fluent speaker. I have enjoyed the way I was taught English in Bellerbys so far due to lessons being funny and interesting and the atmosphere being friendly and exciting. It was difficult for me to get used to the workload in my English lessons, as there were many presentations, essays and course works. I have always enjoyed participating in debates and discussions because this is a chance for students to share their attitudes with others and improve their speaking skills. This made me think more creatively, evaluate different situations and share my opinions with other students. I also improved my writing and reading skills, which I suffered to do before doing this course. Moreover, I have noticed a difference between Academic and General English: the first one I need for the university and future life in the UK, whereas the second is more for communication in the UK. On English lessons, we have always discussed topics and issues related to the life and the UK and I would like to learn more and more about it and broaden my horizons related to the British life.



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