CIT classes

I find CIT classes at Bellerbys very important due to the fact that nowadays almost each individual uses the computer every day for several purposes, for instance, work, communication, fun and etc. The reason for me to do this course is to learn how to deal with programs like Excel, Word , etc and have my own blog where I can share my thoughts with other people because that is what I will need to use at the university next year. I have made a long way from basic knowledge in this area to an ability to work with programs mentioned above with confidence and skills, which I believe will improve by the end of the course even more. Personally, I have always struggled with computers, but CIT classes made me interested in this experience and knowledge and therefore I learned how to cope with difficulties I had. I definitely love the way we are taught CIT here in Bellerbys, as our teacher is very helpful and makes us being interested in the subject through giving interesting and exciting tasks and exercises.





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